Recurring Donor

You can support foundation Tikkun Olam by becoming a donor. There are several ways to become a donor. You can make a one time donation for a specific project or goal. You can do this during one of our activities or transfer a donation directly to our bank account.

But you could also choose for a recurring donation. You could support our foundation monthly, quaterly, half-yearly or annual. When you decide to become a recurring donor, you will receive a discount for the registration of the activities of our foundation.

All information will be processed according to our privacy policy. You can register as a recurring donor for Foundation Tikkun Olam using this form:

  • Please fill in your first and last name
  • Please fill in your address.
  • Please fill in your e-mail address
  • Please fill in your telephone number (with international prefix)
  • In this field you tell us what the periodical donation you prefer. You can choose between monthtly, quaterly, half yearly and annual.
  • In this field you can tells us what amount you want to donate periodically. The amount you fill in here, e.g. € 10 will be charged from your bankaccount every period you have told us.
  • Please fill in your bank account number using the IBAN format.